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Dale & Elizabeth Get Engaged! | Montgomery, Alabama Photography

I have been lucky enough to shoot a few proposals but never one like this!

Dale masterminded the most perfect way to propose to Elizabeth, and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it!

How they met: These two work in the same office building, so they ran into each other a few times on the elevator. One day they got to talking and Dale asked Elizabeth to lunch and “that was that,” according to Dale. It was an elevator ride that brought them together, and what more perfect way to propose to Elizabeth than on an elevator?!

How he proposed: Dale told Elizabeth that he had to be at the Capital City Club on the 21st floor of the Regions building in Montgomery at 6:45 to accept an award. I think it’s funny that Elizabeth even asked on the way to the restaurant, “Are you nervous?” I’m sure he was! At this point, my heart was beating out of my chest, and I wasn’t even the one proposing.

There are 8 elevators on the 21st floor, so every time I heard a ding, I would run to that particular elevator and point my camera to the opening doors, hoping it would be Elizabeth and Dale behind them. There were a lot of people I surprised with a lens in their face when the elevator doors opened and quickly explained, “No, sorry, I am not paparazzi.”

Finally, I heard a ding then I heard an excited female voice behind the doors. That was my cue! I knew this time it was them! I got ready and Dale was still on one knee when the elevator doors opened. Elizabeth had happiness written all over her face! Of course, she said yes! Her ring was absolutely beautiful. Dale did such a good job!

As they got off the elevator, Dale had one more surprise for Elizabeth: their parents. It was such a happy reunion! I am so happy for this family! After some hugs and “Congratulations!” Dale and Elizabeth went to the rooftop terrace to basically freak out over what just happened! An “OH MY GOSH WE ARE ENGAGED!” moment! I am so glad I got to capture it all!

Congratulations Dale and Elizabeth! I can’t wait to capture all the fun things ahead in the next few months!


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